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Toilet With American Standard: Some Special Choices


Without a proper toilet, a bathroom can’t be considered “high-quality.” You should give more consideration to functionality and features than to aesthetics when selecting the ideal toilet for your bathroom. The flushing system, seat height, and overall toilet design are all important considerations. There are many options for toilets on the market, so it’s important to choose one that works with your budget and suits your needs.

Consider these points before making that new toilet purchase:

Is the proper use of water a priority for you?

Water conservation presents a number of difficulties in different parts of the country. Dual-flush toilets may reduce water use, which is good for the environment and the homeowner’s water bill. The american standard toilets use 2.6 litres of water for a half flush and 4 litres for a full flush. This is the annual water savings equivalent to a household of four saving around 22,776 litres of water.

All in One

The tank and bowl of a so-called “one-piece” toilet are really many pieces of plumbing that have been flawlessly moulded together. The final result is a beautiful, hand-crafted toilet that has no openings between the tank and the bowl for grime and odours to accumulate.

In Two Parts

The bowl and tank of a “two-piece” toilet are separate units that are bolted together as one. All American Standard bowls feature a sanitary dam, a raised chinaware pier at the rear where the tank hooks. This elevated section separates the bowl and tank, making cleaning simpler and preventing odorous debris from accumulating in the bowl.

Which Front Shape, Long or Round, Do You Prefer?

Round-fronted loos save more floor area and may be installed in smaller bathrooms. Elongated toilets provide additional comfort since their fronts are larger than those of regular toilets. The manual and electric bidet seats sold by American Standard are designed to fit snugly on top of the specified American Standard toilet model. Visiting zulsdesign.com is essential here.

Are you looking for a tall bowl specifically?

Many buyers believe the taller the bowl, the more relaxed they will be while using it. Most American Standard models include bowls with “Right Height” options. These have a height from the floor to the toilet seat that is between 400 and 430 millimetres (mm), and this height is based on the ergonomic height of a chair, which is between 350 millimetres and 510 millimetres (mm) (mm). This is helpful for the elderly, pregnant women, and the physically challenged since it facilitates their use of the toilet.

What are the dimensions of your area and the rough-in that you require?

There is a large variety of sizes available for toilets; hence, you should measure the width, depth, and height of the space you have. The typical distance between a toilet and a wall is 12 inches (not counting baseboard). Typically, this is the “rough-in” size used in construction. Take some measurements to make sure you have enough supplies.

Quality Control and Assurance

To ensure that the American Standard toilets are of the greatest quality and will function dependably for years, they are put through a rigorous testing procedure. This requires completing a flush test on each bowl at the plant before putting it in the box. Each component must be in conformity with the industry-leading product durability requirements specified by American Standard.


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