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Top 5 trends to adopt in the kitchen for 2020


In a few years, the kitchen has returned to the center of the game in our homes. Warmer, more comfortable, and always more practical, we are happy to spend moments with family or friends. So what does the ideal kitchen in 2020? Before consulting with HDB interior design experts, we decipher for you the main trends recently spotted on the market.

A black kitchen

If there is one kitchen to invest in 2020, it is the black kitchen. Although it has an unpleasant reputation, the dark kitchen has invaded the pages of magazines and catalogs of kitchen designers. This dazzling success owes it to a strong comeback of less is more and a desire for simplicity in our interiors. The black kitchen displays significant advantages such as being able to combine both with chic materials and rustic and thus offers many combinations to make this living room a highly chic place.

Kitchen with wooden touch

Beyond the purely functional layout, it is now a question of making the kitchen warm and above all more personal. A pretty floor lamp, a comfortable kitchen rug, a few photos on the walls, a small family piece of furniture, the kitchen with wooden touch is now decorated with many more personal elements than before. You can treat the atmosphere with designer lights, plants or pretty crockery displayed like trinkets. And some even set up relaxation areas with benches and a few cushions.

Ultra-thin worktops impose their charm

A direct consequence of another major current trend which seeks to purify the kitchen furniture, worktops are much thinner than before. In wood, marble, quartz or granite, natural and raw materials are preferred, and here again the ultra-compressed laminate version allows you to save some money. The slim planes are also available in less angular versions, with rounded edges. Be careful, however, not to choose a material that is too thin which would make it difficult to fit the other kitchen elements.

Kitchen with wooden island

If we had to choose only one material for our kitchens in 2020, it would undoubtedly be wood, which perfectly matches the trend of a return to nature. Thanks to the development of a laminate perfectly imitating solid wood, both to the sight and to the touch, it is easy to dress up your kitchen without breaking the bank. But it is also fashionable to mix it with other materials, which are also rather raw. Kitchen designers are therefore happy to add a touch of marble, concrete, slate, oxidized metal or even leather to their current creations whose authentic style retains some industrial accents.

Industrial style kitchen with Central Island

Old family furniture or contemporary showcase, the china cabinets are making a shattering comeback in our kitchens. Silverware, ceramics, and handicrafts are highlighted and personalize the decoration. Some people do not hesitate to create a real decorative corner using shelves and a pretty vintage piece of furniture to display their most beautiful pieces. Kitchen designers have sniffed out this new trend and recently have been using backlit niches that allow tableware to be staged.


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