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Various Types Of Exterior Shutters – What To Know When You Purchase One


Exterior blinders can be a great addition to the outside of your home and come in various styles and colours. However, consider how much sun exposure your property gets before installing any shutters. In addition, it would help if you also considered how much maintenance these types of shutters require over time and whether they will fit with the current style of your home or not.

This guide will take you through the different types of exterior shutters in NZ and explain why they are suited to certain situations. You will also learn about their maintenance requirements and how to choose the right ones for your home.

Types of Exterior Shutters Available:

There are many different types of external shutters from which you can choose your best.

They include:

  • Sash: The most common type of exterior blinder, a sash, comprises three-part window panels that slide vertically in a groove at the top or bottom of the window frame. They may be aluminium, vinyl or wood and can provide privacy while letting light enter your home.
  • Louvre: Louvered shutters are made of slats that move horizontally to let in light and air while still providing privacy. They are commonly used in conjunction with other types of exterior blinders as well as awnings and can be made from aluminium, vinyl or wood.
  • Awning: An awning is a large canopy that covers the entire window. These blinders are typically made of vinyl or aluminium and can be fixed or retractable.
  • Rollers: Roller blinds are made of fabric slats that sit inside a track on your windows, allowing you to adjust their position as needed. Roller blinds are good for covering large areas and can be made from various materials, including aluminium, plastic and vinyl. They also come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to suit your taste and style.
  • Slatted: The slats in a slatted blind are made from metal or plastic. They can be as thin as 2mm thick and come in various colours, textures and finishes. Slatted blinds cover large areas because they provide an unobstructed view through the window.

Decide on the Right Size:

When selecting an exterior shutter, it is essential to ensure they are the correct size. The size of the shutter should be proportional to the size of your window, wall and door. You can achieve it by measuring them with a tape measurer and comparing their measurements with those provided on our product pages.

Types of materials available in the market:

There are several types of materials available in the market for exterior blinders. These include wooden shutters, aluminium shutters, PVC shutters, fibreglass shutters and plastic.

  • Wooden shutters are the most popular choice for exterior blinders. They are made from durable hardwood and can be painted in any colour.
  • Aluminium shutters are also popular, as they are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are available in various colours and can be customised according to your requirements.
  • PVC shutters are another popular option for exterior blinders. They are long-lasting and functional but could be more attractive due to their dull appearance.
  • Fibreglass shutters are made from a strong and resistant plastic material and are available in various colours and styles. They are very durable and easy to maintain but can be quite expensive.

Pick the Right Hinge Type:

Hinges are an important part of the overall look of your shutters, so it’s important to choose the right type for your specific shutter. You have three choices:

  • Hidden hinges are concealed in the side of to shutter and do not show on the outside. It is ideal if you want a clean, sleek look with no visible hardware on your external shutters.
  • Exposed hinges are visible from both sides of the shutter because they stick past the face frame or casing board. These can be used if you want some exposed hardware on your exterior shutters but don’t want them to be too noticeable or dominate their overall design.
  • Decorative hinges are larger than standard ones and may include ornamental detailing and different shapes and sizes than standard hinges (such as an oval).


If you’re looking for a new exterior shutter in NZ, the tips mentioned above are great for getting started. There are many different types of exterior blinders to choose from, and each one offers something unique. It is important to consider all your options before deciding what type of shutter suits your home or business.



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