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Ways To Add Space to Your Home


Do you need more space but hate the idea of moving? If you’ve built up equity in your home, your mortgage payments are likely low enough that you could build an addition to your house instead. With a little patience, you could get that extra room without having to pack. Here are some ways to add square footage to your home.

Enclose the Patio

Add walls, put on a roof, and you’ll enlarge your home without cutting into your yard. Add plenty of windows, and you’ll have a pleasant sunroom for visiting with friends that also gives your house plants plenty of sunlight for healthy growth.

Hiring a professional construction company will ensure your new addition will be well-built and meet all code requirements. For your building needs contact construction companies in Jacksonville FL.

Convert the Garage

The nice thing about converting a garage into extra living space is the floor and roof are already there. Add insulation and sheetrock, as well as flooring and you’ll have additional space to your home in no time.

Build Over the Garage

If you have a small lot and lack sufficient space to build out, then build up. If you are thinking of adding a room over the garage, check the building codes in your area to make sure it’s allowed in your neighborhood. Also, install a vapor barrier between the ceiling of the garage and the flooring of your new addition to keep car exhaust from coming into your new room.

Finish an Attic

You can convert that attic into an additional living space or an extra bedroom instead of just a storage space for your junk.

Think in advance about how you plan on heating and cooling your new room. You may have to install a separate heating/air conditioning unit to keep your new addition comfortable.



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