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Ways to Prepare For the Summer Heat


While the summer can bring on plenty of great things, such as school letting out and a chance for fun trips, the heat that comes along with it can be excruciating. Sweating, drying out, and overall discomfort can lead to a lot of issues. For some, heat-related ailments can even be a problem.

Due to this, it is crucial that you take the initiative in preparing for the oncoming high temperatures. From the use of fans and air conditioners to staying hydrated, the following are some tips to take. If you need help in preparing, such as getting an AC repair in Warrensville Heights, OH, call a team like A New Image HVAC!

Plug in Your Fans and ACs!

Getting quick and efficient cool air is definitely a surefire way to deter the heat. Fans are a perfect choice if you need a cheap yet reliable option. Preferably, go with oscillating fans, as they help push air around so that heat does not build up.

Air conditioners release even more cool air and come in various sizes. Portable, window, and central air systems are three of the most popular options. However, it is vital that you get your AC inspected right before you use it because you want to make sure that it is running properly to keep from needing major fixes down the line. HVAC technicians can perform this for you by cleaning them, oiling them, and checking the wiring.

Change Bedding and Clothing

You can say goodbye to thick materials and darker colors when the heat hits. Dark colors tend to retain more heat, which will make you feel uncomfortable. Whites and lights are a better option. Along with that, you should choose linen and cotton materials for both bedding and clothing. They are more breathable than things such as wool.

Darken Your Space

Along with choosing to use fans and air conditioners, providing shade in your home with also keep you cool. When the sun’s rays shine through your windows, it will keep your home feeling warmer. Try shutting your blinds and putting up either dark-colored curtains or blackout curtains. Both will act like shade how trees act outside.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the biggest problems that people tend to go through during the heat because they sweat out all of the moisture in their bodies. Signs include headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, and even fainting. That is why you need to remember to drink plenty of water or beverages that include electrolytes. Steer clever of caffeine, as it can dry you out, too.

Another way to stay moisturized is by taking cool baths and showers, as both will hydrate your skin. As a bonus, you will also feel cleaner after sweating all day. Along with dehydration, you will be less likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which are both serious and can lead to other issues.

Feel Safe in the Summer Heat

Taking these tips into mind will continue to let you have a fun and relaxing summer. You should not have to feel overheated or listless in high temperatures. When you want to use an air conditioner, you should make sure that it is well taken care of. Residents in Warrensville Heights, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights, OH, choose A New Image HVAC to help with this. They, along with other local technicians, are there to make sure you and your home both feel the best you can.


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