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What are some of the curtain styles and headers?


The curtains can make a room look airy and pleasant or bleak. The curtains in a house talk about the people who live in it. That is why women take so long to select the correct curtains that will adapt to their homes. Simply hanging curtains from a pelmet is no longer stylish. Today different styles and headers for the curtains to choose from are available. For living rooms and living rooms that have a view of people, select network or lace curtains. Some people have separate curtains sets for summer and winter.

There are many different styles of curtains and headers, the most common of which is the standard. In this, an inch tape is used that is collected in a narrow uniform header. This style is commonly used in bedroom and cabin windows. It is also used for light curtains where a reinforced curtain rod is not required.

The following style in curtain headings is the pencil fold. This style is used where there is no pelmet or cenefa. This style gives a pleasant appearance to the curtain header and is used in modern styles. Just remember when buying curtain fabric for this style, you will need twice and a half more cloth than the width of the window.

The third style in the curtain header is the ‘French fold’. This style is used in heavy window curtains, such as velvet. Additional reinforcement is also used, the folding fan through the window and there is a stitched button at the bottom of each fold. Again, they will be needed twice and a half more than the width of the window on the fabric for the curtains with a folding style.

The “cartridge” or the “cup style” is used in a very formal curtain environment. The papers or the polyester are filled at the top of each pole so that the curtain retains its shape.

The ‘slot fold’ is easy to do. The slots are cut on the header tape through which the curtain post is fed. This aspect can be improved by allowing a curtain of quantity to stop above the post. Again, the width of the curtain fabric must be two or three times the width of the window. You must decide the space of the slots.

Another design in the curtain header is the ‘puff pastry design’. In this, it makes the curtain the groove fold curtain, only you keep at least twelve inches above the slots. Once the curtain is hanging on the post, the upper part is swollen.

These are the common designs and headings used in the curtains. But there are always new designs that are being added. The design and header of the curtain depending on the types of windows and the curtain pellets. The design and header of the curtain must match the decoration of the room. In addition, the curtain material must have a good fall. Before buying curtain material, you must decide on the style you want, since the amount of curtain fabric you need to buy will depend on the curtain style. What you do not want is to run out of cloth or find that the fabric is excessive!


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