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What Makes Real Estate A Hot Cake?


Every now and then people trying to think about where to put their money ask me if real estate companies are more or less profitable in comparison to other business opportunities.

My answer is always that apart from Provident plots ability to make significant profits, investment in immovable also has long-term benefits.

Advantages are discussed below: 

  1. After you buy a house, you hold it for a period of time and then sell it to benefit. It will help improve the value of the real estate. The success of it depends on the management and success of the company, which is beyond your control.

Unlike other traditional investment tools, such as stocks whose return rates rely on third parties, real estate investments are straight under your control, for example.

Although you are unable to monitor the demographic and economic trends or the consequences of nature-induced changes, there are many other things you can control to maximize your return on investments.

  1. Real estate investment, when done right, has been shown to be lucrative during a recession (just as we are at the moment) and has been used many times to make a bail-out from financial losses, such as many witnessed today in Nigeria during the economic downturn.

Many customers have told me that they are not aware of viable ways to invest their money because of the current economic situation. Some are made with bonds and treasury bills, but the new investment is urgently needed.

  1. In other words, putting your hard-earned money in viable Provident Woodfield real estate can save you from the severe effect that inflation normally has on other conventional investments.

This is because the value of the immovable tends to increase favorably with inflationary pressures. This is why real estate values and rental rates rise as inflation increases.


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