What Not to Do if Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down


Assume it’s summer, and you’re in the midst of it. You arrive home from work. You get into something more comfortable, go into the kitchen to get a large glass of iced tea, and then come to a halt. You raise your gaze to your air vent. Is that warm air hitting you?

There’s a considerable probability that your air conditioning equipment may malfunction if you’re a typical American homeowner. When that occurs, it’s crucial to know what to avoid doing to reduce the damage and restart your AC as soon as possible. To avoid making the same mistakes, we’ll list some typical errors individuals make when their air conditioner breaks down.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

One of the most common mistakes people make when their air conditioner goes down is failing to maintain it properly. Your air conditioner, like any other item in your home, requires constant care and attention to perform correctly. Keep an eye on things in between professional visits and plan annual tune-ups with a certified HVAC specialist.

Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

Another mistake people often make when their AC breaks down is trying to fix it themselves. Unless you change the air filter, you should leave air conditioner repairs to a professional. Don’t use duct tape to reattach something loose. Add no refrigerant. A specialist should examine the levels and look for leaks. Unqualified repairs can often do more harm than good, so it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. Not only will they be able to diagnose the problem correctly, but they’ll also have the tools and knowledge necessary to fix it quickly and correctly.

If Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air, Turn it Off

There could be various reasons why your air conditioner is blowing warm air. First, ensure that the temperature on your thermostat is set correctly. If it’s too low, the air conditioner will run indefinitely without reaching the target temperature. Another option is that the air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. A blocked air filter can limit airflow and cause the AC to overwork, pushing warm air into your home.

In some circumstances, the issue may be with the AC unit itself, which may necessitate the services of a specialist. However, if you troubleshoot the problem and discover that the AC is blowing warm air, the best action is to turn it off until the issue is resolved. Running an AC unit that isn’t cooling effectively is inefficient and can cause more harm to the equipment.

Don’t Open Your Windows

The temptation to open your windows and let in some fresh air can be vital as the weather heats up. This is not the best solution if your air conditioner is broken. First, opening the windows will likely not make your home any cooler. The hot air from outside will flow into your home, and all that open space will make it increasingly difficult for your AC to do its job when it’s finally fixed.

In addition, opening the windows can put additional strain on your AC unit. By circulating hot air, the AC has to work harder to maintain a cool temperature, leading to even more problems down the road. If your AC is on the fritz, resist the temptation to open your windows and wait for a professional to fix the problem.

Let the Professionals Repair Your AC

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your home, especially in a hot area, is your air conditioner. A well-running air conditioner can keep your house cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days. AC units, on the other hand, are sophisticated pieces of machinery that may require professional repairs from time to time. Leaks, refrigerant changes, and compressor troubles are all common AC issues. Attempting to fix an air conditioner on your own is unsafe and may violate the warranty. That is why it is always preferable to leave your air conditioning repair in Clackamas County, OR to the experts. They will not only be able to diagnose and repair the problem promptly, but they will also be able to do it without voiding your warranty or jeopardizing your safety.


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