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What To Ask Before Hiring a Landscaping Company


Attractive landscape planning and hardscaping services st. charles mo takes time and effort, and you may be considering hiring a landscaper to help you plan, install and maintain your outdoor spaces. If you have decided to hire a landscaping company Rocklin CA, you may be unsure of how to hire the best company.

Experience and Availability

Your first question should be about the company’s experience. How many years has the company been open, and what does its current workload look like? Do the landscaping professionals have the time and resources to add your outdoor space into their schedule? You should also ask for references, but be sure to call them.

Pay attention to how you are treated. For example, are you rushed off the phone or out of the office, or does someone spend some time discussing the company and explaining its landscaping services flowery branch ga? Also, ask how long landscape installation and maintenance will take and how often maintenance is required.

Site Preparation

Ask how your soil and yard are prepared. For example, will the landscaper amend your soil with mulch so it is nutrient rich? What about grading your property so the water flows away from your home’s foundation? Although you may pay more up front for the company to do this type of work, you will save significantly in the long run.


Your plants and hardscapes should be guaranteed for a specific period of time if the landscaping company does the hardscaping installation columbus oh. For example, you don’t want your paver patio to start sinking or become uneven, which may be a tripping danger. This guarantee will tell you whether the company uses quality base materials, prepares your soil properly and stands behind its work.


You need to know who will be on your property because if they are injured, you could be held liable. Therefore, ask whether the company uses employees only, or if they will subcontract any of your work. Then, ask for copies of everyone’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

As you plan your landscaping, consider consulting with a reputable landscaper.


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