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What to do if tree roots obstruct your sewer pipe?


Keep invasive trees from plugging the sewer by getting them out with the rented auger, calling in a pro, or cutting the trees, The pros will bore the line open for you, treat the roots with poison, replace the old pipeline, or reline the old pipe.

If you have tree roots in sewer lines, please visit the link.

If you live in a woody lot and have issues with tree roots invading your drain system and obstructing it up, do not assume you need to cut the trees down! As you can see from the image, the tree roots function their means via cracks or joints in older sewage system lines made of cast iron, an asphalt composite, or clay ceramic tile design called “orangeberg” piping. Roots are looking for the nutrient-rich soup that you are sending away, as well as commodes, there’s no accounting for taste, lay, as well as cast iron is seldom utilized anymore because of those baggy joints that tree roots can permeate. These materials are additionally heavy, tough to work with, fragile, costly, as well as susceptible to breakage. Nowadays almost all sewage system lines are made of the plastic pipeline, it’s challenging, affordable, as well as lightweight, and the joints are unsusceptible tree roots.

You have got three alternatives, none ideal: Continue reaming the lines regularly, cut down the trees, or call in the pros. The bigger sewer-cleaning firms will ream out the line or in fact, send out a tiny camera inside the pipe to establish precisely what the problem is. They’ll find out if the line is split, crushed, or sloped poorly, or if tree roots are worming their means via loosened or cracks joints. After that they’ll advise a strategy, which can be:

Collecting the old line and replacing it with plastic. 

Treating the line with a toxin developed to eliminate close-by tree roots. By doing this it’ll take longer for new roots to trigger problems. These poisons are designed to kill simply trouble roots, not the whole tree.

Sealing the line by lining the existing pipe with an inner plastic material, as well as cement. Businesses have been doing this for years on larger lines, as well as are simply starting to line domestic ones. Opportunities of finding a local business that does property sewer cellular lining are slim, yet it does not injure to ask.

Among our editors has the same recurring issue as you. He obtained tired of the $100 solution telephone call each year, constantly on a Sunday while entertaining close friends, so he got his own $400 power auger, as well as clean out the lines himself. You can also rent out one.


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