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What to Expect During an AC Repair


When you hire an AC specialist to inspect or repair your air conditioner, you may not understand what they are looking at or doing, especially if they seem occupied with the work. However, their procedures are usually done according to a standard, and there are various measures that an AC technician takes to ensure that your unit performs as efficiently as possible.

When you call Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to handle AC repair in Ocean Pines, MD, we’ll explain everything we’re doing so you’re never left in the dark. When we inspect your unit, we look for the following:

Motor Issues

The motor is one of the most typical elements to break in an air conditioner. If your air conditioner is constantly on, the engine that powers the fans may burn out or become overheated.

If the AC expert discovers the problem is with the motor, they will first determine whether or not the warranty is still in effect. If that’s the case, we’ll contact the manufacturer and request a replacement. If the warranty has expired, we will inform you of the cost of a new motor. In some circumstances, we may be able to repair the motor rather than purchase a new one. However, it will also rely on the severity of the damage and how quickly we can obtain the replacement parts.


Another component of the air conditioner that frequently fails is the compressor. The compressor circulates the refrigerant throughout the system and may wear down over time. As a result, the compressor may become overheated and fail. Lubricating the compressor prevents it from overheating and breaking. Your technician may need to alter the amount of refrigerant in the unit in addition to servicing the compressor.


The connections can rust over time, preventing power from flowing and causing the air conditioner to stop working. The technician will switch off the electricity to the unit before inspecting the contacts. They will then remove the thermostat cover and check the contacts for rust. If necessary, they will clean the contacts with a wire brush or sandpaper. In other circumstances, it may be essential to replace all of the contacts.

Complete Services

In addition to the repairs and inspections listed above, the technician may inspect your unit’s coils and wiring to verify they are clean and not worn. Both can produce minor problems like blowing warm air if not used correctly. Many air conditioner problems may be fixed if found early, so have a professional check your AC before you use it for the first time in the summer.

Skip the AC Headaches!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, attempting to repair your air conditioner on your own can be riskier, and you may cause even more harm to your AC unit and the people around you. Our trained experts understand everything there is to know about your HVAC system and will provide outstanding service each time. Call us today!


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