What to Look for When It Comes to Water Line Replacement


Water is a key factor when it comes to almost anything we do in life. A water line can fail at any time, but there are multiple ways to tell that this may be happening. If you suspect that you have damage to your water line and need a repair, call the plumbing professionals at Plumb Zebra. Our team of knowledgeable plumbers can help fix your issue as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal daily activities. The plumbers we send to your home have years of experience repairing and replacing water lines, and you can count on receiving high-quality work from them. We guarantee it.

Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

If you look under your home and in the walls, you will see pipes running throughout like veins in the human body. This carries your water through your home and to the necessary places that it needs to be. Water is a crucial factor when running your home, and when that factor is broken, the whole system begins to fall apart. Unfortunately, water pipes can burst and break, causing messy problems for homeowners, but there are ways to tell that this is going to happen, and you can prevent it by calling your local plumber. Some of the indicators can include discolored water, low water pressure, water puddles or standing water, high water bills, or even the age of the pipes.

When you purchase a new home, it could be a good idea to inquire about the age of the materials used to build it, including the water pipes. If they are over fifty, you may want to consider replacing them depending on the type of materials they were constructed with. If you are experiencing brown or rusty water, your lines may be broken and filled with sediment, contaminating your water source. This can be dangerous to drink or use for cooking and must be boiled before use. You must call a plumber right away to come to your home and look at your water lines if you are experiencing problems such as these.

If you notice puddles of water or standing water in some areas of your home or on the outside, a pipe may have leaks. This can cause your lawn to have soggy patches and can also attract insects such as mosquitoes. A leaking or burst pipe can also cause your water bill to become unbelievably high. It is best to take care of these issues as soon as you notice them to prevent any further problems from occurring that could cost you more money, time, and headaches.

Don’t Delay! Call Today!

If you are experiencing issues involving your main water line or even pipes inside your home, call our professional plumbing team. We will help you figure out what is causing the problem and give you an easy, affordable solution that will have you up and running in no time. At Plumb Zebra, we care about our customers and their well-being and want the best for them.


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