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Where to Place Outdoor Lights For Maximum Impact, Home Improvement


When outdoor lighting is done right, the exterior of your home looks amazing while providing safety and ambiance. There are many different types of lights you can add to your landscape and patio to create a one-of-a-kind environment. Here are some techniques for placing lights to achieve maximum impact.

Up-Lighting or Down-Lighting

Up-lighting can be used as exterior lighting Overland Park to enhance the varying depths of the exterior walls on your home or to feature decorative objects. Down-lighting can highlight the structure of your home when attached to the roofline or trees. The lights create pools of brightness that move the eye around your house with interest.


Highlighting is done with small spotlights that shine on the objects you want to showcase. If you have impressive plants in your landscape or a uniquely shaped fountain, highlighting can define the shapes and increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden at night.


Create an amazing glow when you use this technique where you place a light high in the trees. The light shines down, similar to the moonlight, and creates interesting shadows and textures on the ground below.


To create stimulating shadows on the exterior of your house, you can shine light through the trees, shrubs or bushes in your landscape. Low-lighting angled up helps create this dreamy effect.

Path Lighting

Create a romantic atmosphere along your paths when you use small downlights along the borders. This prevents you from tripping while improving the setting of your backyard.


Washing is used to create a soft, even glow of light along walls and shrubs. A wide-angle floodlight is placed near the ground and shines up onto the area you want to add light to.

Using a variety of lights and lighting techniques creates a home that looks like a work of art.



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