Which Apartment is Better – A New Building or a Resale?


Which apartment is better to buy – a secondary or a new residential complex, and what criteria should be used to choose this or that option? Dwell on these points within the framework of the article.

Features of primary and secondary housing

To understand which housing will be preferable, you need to consider the features of both options.

What is good about the primary?

In this case, a guarantee is given that all communications in the house will work. Unlike secondary housing, new condominiums are equipped with fire extinguishing systems, alarms, video surveillance, etc. Around new buildings, as a rule, there is all the necessary infrastructure and parking, which secondary buildings cannot boast of.

When buying a new condo in the Commodore residential complex, you have the opportunity to choose the floor, entrance, view from the window, etc., but with the secondary housing you have to agree on what you have. Entrances in new buildings meet all modern standards, which provides convenience at the entrance (wide doors, freight elevators, etc.). Secondary housing has inconvenient and, most often, unkempt entrances. Another argument in favour of the primary organization is the absence of any encumbrances.

Attention! An old apartment can bring a lot of surprises, for example, illegal redevelopment.

What is good about the secondary housing?

Many buyers are quite satisfied with the standard layout. After the purchase, the owners do, most often, cosmetic repairs. New square meters need a full range of repairs, from floor screed to plumbing installation. There are resale properties in almost every district, which cannot be said about new buildings. Plus, when buying a secondary property, there is much less chance of getting caught by scammers.

From what has been said, it is already possible to draw some conclusions, which is the best apartment to choose in your case. It is also worth considering that, although modern technologies are used in the construction of new housing, communications will require debugging at first. Therefore, the same elevator may not work, just as there may be problems with the heating system. With secondary apartments in this regard, everything is more stable.

The nuances of buying a primary home

Before you understand which apartment is better to choose in a new building, you need to answer the question – for what purpose it is being bought:

  • For housing.
  • For investment.

Based on this, it will be possible to determine the budget and start choosing a district, house, floor, layout and other important criteria.

Before buying a condominium in a new residential complex, you need to consider a number of points:

  • Check the reliability of the developer.
  • Estimate location.
  • Decide on the layout and floor.
  • Find out the cost and conditions of purchase.
  • Inspect the property in person.

Nuances when buying a secondary home

If you give preference to the old fund, then it is important to understand which apartments on the secondary housing are better not to buy. Experts do not recommend purchasing housing with low liquidity, for example, in a disadvantaged area. Also, do not take apartments that have had illegal redevelopment or have suspicions of legal purity. Particular attention should be paid to the history of housing and to check it if the owner received square meters by inheritance or through privatization.

To save yourself from any problems with secondary housing, it is still better to buy a condominium in the Commodore Housing Complex from JBE Developers. You can familiarize yourself with the proposed options on their website, https://finestservices.com.sg/the-commodore/, which provides detailed information about the location, material, walls, number of floors, apartment area, price and other important points.



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