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Which Factors Affect the Cost of Carpet Cleaning


Even if you bought a brand new carpet, there comes a time when your carpet becomes dirty and fades with time. Furthermore, with the pets and children in the house, it is likely that your carpet will suffer from spills and stains. Hiring carpet cleaners comes at a price, and it is essential to know why professionals price differently. Here are several factors that affect the cost of carpet cleaning.

Cleaning Method

There are many ways of cleaning carpets, but the main ones are dry cleaning and the hot water extraction method. Dry cleaning is a quicker method and is considered for homeowners in need of same day carpet cleaning Los Angeles. The hot water extraction method is an eco-friendly cleaning method that uses steam. However, you will need to wait longer for the carpet to dry before you can use it again. Both of these methods are charged differently, and it is crucial to know how much it will cost you.

Size of Carpet

This one may be an obvious point. The size of your carpet matters on how much you will be charged for cleaning. The larger the carpet, the higher the price. Some companies may come with a fixed price, so it is crucial to know this before hiring them. It may be wise to have multiple rooms cleaned if you have a company with a fixed rate. Before hiring a carpet cleaning company, look at their terms of pricing.

State of the Carpet

The state of the carpet is another thing that affects the price. Difficult and large stains may be costly to remove. Letting professionals come and inspect the carpets is essential when getting the quote. They may need special cleaning tools to clean some stains. The cleaner needs to know the actual condition of the carpet before giving you a quote to ensure the price is realistic.

Type of Carpet

The type of carpet you own will also affect the cost. This is because every type requires a specific way of treating it. The two methods of cleaning also affect the type of carpet. For instance, dry cleaning is the most suitable for vulnerable carpets like silk.


This may not be a significant variable, but it may also affect the price at some point. For instance, the cost of cleaning carpets in urban areas is different from the cost of cleaning carpets in rural. Therefore, it is essential to confirm if the cleaners consider the location.

Additional Services

Carpet cleaning also comes with additional services, and some come at an extra cost. For instance, some carpet cleaners may offer furniture removal services to clear the space before cleaning. Such services may come at an additional price that affects the total cost. It is, therefore, crucial to know these services before hiring carpet cleaning professionals.

The Takeaway!

These are six factors that affect the price of carpet cleaning. It is always advisable to consider them when determining how much you will pay. When you are given a quote, always ask the professional to break it down and explain where the money is going.


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