Why a Blocked Kitchen Sink May Be Caused by Having a Garbage Disposal (And How Serenity Plumbing Can Help!)


These days, trash disposal is a common feature in contemporary kitchens, whether they are in flats or farmhouses, to assist in disposing of food waste. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of food that passes down that drain may quickly lead to a backlog or obstruction, turning your kitchen from a Food Network dream into something out of the Discovery Channel. Fortunately, Serenity Plumbing’s team of drain cleaning experts is always willing to provide assistance when it comes to drain cleaning services in Midlothian, VA. Here’s how, if you’re not cautious, a helpful kitchen device may get you into trouble and how Serenity Plumbing can help you get out of a pickle.

Debris Buildup on the Blades

The way garbage disposals work is by slicing food into little bits so that it may run down the drain without clogging the pipes. These blades may accumulate depending on how often they are used, and if the buildup is too great, it may tumble down the drain, becoming trapped in the pipes and causing a blockage. Frequently, a vinegar and baking soda solution or a trash disposal cleaning may remedy this. Sometimes the matter could be more difficult than that, in which case you might need to contact Serenity Plumbing since the pipes might be too blocked for a layperson to handle. Serenity Plumbing, which has more than ten years of expertise, can easily remove annoying clogs brought on by blade accumulation in your sink.

Over Using Your Garbage Disposal

Even though trash disposal is a very helpful appliance for a busy kitchen, using it too much too quickly might cause it to overheat and cease functioning. The food that is already in the pipe will have nowhere to go, even if this may sometimes cause it to break beyond merely allowing it to cool down. If left there, it may cause a blockage as germs and mold start to grow. This may lead to scents filling your kitchen and issues with fruit flies or other small pests drawn to moist food and the smells that they create. In this case, flushing away any food that may be lodged in that side of the sink is the best course of action. You may avoid any unanticipated hassles until you can have your trash disposal serviced by calling Serenity Plumbing to make sure that everything is clean and nothing has been left behind that might possibly create a very stinky issue.

Many families have gotten used to having trash disposal as kitchen design has advanced into the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, this brings with it additional obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, with Serenity’s assistance, Plumbing problems, including annoyances like clogs, blockages, and filthy drains, may be taken care of promptly, expertly, and affordably. With a great rating, it’s obvious that their reputation is well-deserved and that the assistance they provide would be appreciated by your home and family in the long run.


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