Why Must We Make Sure the Sewer Is in Good Shape? Find Out the Reason for This Right Now


Everyone in the community has a responsibility to take care of the sewer. Although you may take precautions with your plumbing, issues can still arise. When these issues occur, you have the Sewer Surgeons to address the problems that trouble you today.

What Is the Purpose of the Sewer?

The sewer takes the water you use in your house to your city’s wastewater treatment plant. Each house, business, or other building has pipes that attach to your city’s main sewer lines. After the treatment plants treat the water, they return it to the community.

Two types of water enter the treatment systems. The first is “black water.” Black water contains fecal matter and urine that comes from the toilets in homes and businesses. There is also “gray water,” which is water that you use to wash your clothes and dishes. The only types of water that the treatment plants treat are black and gray.

How Can You Make Sure Your Pipes Can Transport Your Wastewater to the Treatment Plant in the Most Efficient Way?

Don’t Pour Commercial Drain Cleaners Down Your Drain

Commercial drain cleaners do not really clean your drains, and they may harm them instead. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals, and they weaken your pipes. This may cause holes to develop in the pipes, and then leaks will occur. Natural products are a better option. One is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. It is a cleaner, and it can even break down minor clogs. A plunger will work well for a larger clog.

Never Flush Anything Down the Toilet Other than Toilet Paper

A product may be advertised as “flushable,” but you must not believe this. It can become clogged in your pipes, and when you call a plumber, you may end up with a high bill to pay. You must not flush dental floss, cotton balls, cotton swabs, paper towels, tissue paper, or tampons down the toilet.

Do Not Wash Fat, Oil, or Grease (FOG) into Your Garbage Disposal

These products can easily flow through your garbage disposal, but they have a habit of building up in your pipes. After it backs up in the pipes, it begins to congeal, which means that it turns into a solid. Some foods must not go into the garbage disposal either, including coffee grounds, eggshells, poultry skin, starchy grains and pasta, and fibrous vegetables.

Beware of Your Landscaping

Your drains may be slow because roots are invading your pipes, but you can prevent this from happening. The pipes are buried in the ground so that they can move wastewater from your home toward the treatment plant. The plants in your yard are “listening” for this water, and when they hear it, they move toward it. This makes sense because plants need water to survive. When tree roots find this source of water, they have the strength to break through the pipe. The tree is completely satisfied, but you have slow drains and backups in your home.

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If it is too late for you to prevent the issues described above, it is not too late for you to call the Sewer Surgeons. We will clear your drains, and you can even schedule a visit from us on our website. We will contact you right away!


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