Why You Cannot DIY a Heater Repair


We all love to save money, especially as the cost of everything seems to increase daily. Because of this, many homeowners try to find ways to cut corners when it comes to fixing problems occurring inside the house. Although there is nothing wrong with trying to fix minor problems like chipped paint or small leaks, specific work should be left to professionals, such as your heating system.

Your heater should only be touched by people with the education and skillset it takes to fix them. Otherwise, you could face a multitude of dangers that could make you pay higher dues or even be life-threatening. For a price-smart and same-day HVAC contractor in Babylon, NY, contact Retro Hot Water & Heating. Choosing them to help is the smartest decision you can make when your unit breaks!

More Costly

While you might think that calling technicians to help you is much more expensive than handling it yourself, that is entirely false. You need to have been trained to work with heating units to have the knowledge it takes to understand these intricate systems. You also need the specialized tools that professionals often use.

In the end, if you make even one error, you can cause a full system shutdown, which can mean something that was originally a tuneup now needs to be a replacement. Even worse, you could easily void any of the heater warranties that could have helped you replace your original heater.

Gas Leaks

Many heaters get their energy through the use of natural gas or propane. This can put you in a lot of danger of a gas leak if you make a mistake during your DIY heater repair. One of the most dangerous gases you could be dealing with is carbon monoxide. As this gas is both tasteless and odorless, you might not even notice there is a leak.

Prolonged inhalation of this particular gas can lead to a lot of health concerns, such as organ damage, neurological issues, and even death. Along with having a carbon monoxide detector in your home, you need to call a professional to help with dangerous projects like this. Fortunately, for both heating repairs and for gas leak issues, Retro Hot Water & Heating can be called in for help.


There is a lot of electrical work within a heater, so one wrong move can cause a spark that can lead to one of the harshest consequences- a fire. Since you are right there, this fire could get you within seconds, burning you or even killing you. Even if a fire does not happen immediately, an explosion could happen at any time of day.

This can damage or destroy your whole home, including all of the precious items within it. Your whole family is at stake, as well, because you never know if you will be able to get everyone out in time or if you will have to deal with smoke inhalation. With all of these consequences in mind, is fixing your own heater really worth it?

The Best HVAC Contractor in New York

Don’t put everything in your life at stake when the experts at Retro Hot Water & Heating are available to you. Residents of Bayshore, Millville, and Babylon, NY, can call on them for any of their heating sources. This includes heaters, boilers, and water heaters.

Signs that you will need to call in their services for a faulty heater include:

  • Insufficient heating.
  • Knocking or hissing noises.
  • Higher energy bills.
  • Random cold spots in the home.

An expert from their company will examine your unit to see how bad the damage is and give you straightforward pricing.

Your safety and comfort are some of Retro Hot Water & Heating’s main priorities, so putting your faith in them is well worth any bill you get from them. Besides, they offer special financing to alleviate some more of your stresses. Contact them today to learn more about this.

Cutting corners should not be more important to you than your own livelihood. Amid a problem, let Retro Hot Water & Heating fix your heater efficiently and safely.


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