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Why You Should Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Gate Motors


Performing routine maintenance on gate motors is a smart move because it cuts down on breakdowns and extends the life of your gate. Moreover, it is cheaper to perform preventative maintenance than to replace parts. Ants and other pests are the biggest culprits, which can ruin your motor’s inner workings. Moreover, no motor is totally sealed, so dirt and other elements can collect on the lubricant, which turns into a grinding paste. Let’s take a deeper look at why you should perform regular maintenance on your gate motors…

Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of breakdown

When you do preventative gate motor maintenance, you’re reducing the risk of a breakdown. Breakdowns can be very costly therefore it is important to first make sure that your gate motor has been installed correctly, and thereafter it is being serviced regularly. Bugs, slugs, and short circuits can cause major breakdowns. Additionally, a broken gate may be dangerous. It may prevent entry or trap someone inside your home. Proper maintenance is very important for the safety of the gate. The gate is not safe to operate if there are no safety devices. Failure to perform maintenance can result in code violations and failure of the gate system, therefore, preventive maintenance is essential.

It prolongs the appearance and quality of the gate

Proper maintenance of the automatic gate is very important as it will prolong the lifespan as well as the quality of your automated gate. Regularly cleaning and lubricating will extend the life of the automated gate and help prevent build-up. You should also use wax to protect the finish. This maintenance should be done at least every six months. Failure to do so may lead to serious damage.

One way to maintain your gate motors is to regularly clean and grease them. Oil and grease should be replaced frequently to keep the motors functioning properly. A lubricant that is compatible with gate operators is recommended. Keeping the motors clean and lubricated will extend the life of the components and keep your gate in good shape for many years to come.

Keeping your gate running smoothly is important to prevent damage to its parts. Gate parts can become rusted and tarnished over time due to a lack of maintenance. By following simple maintenance tips, you can avoid expensive repairs such as rehanging your gate, sandblasting rust off the surfaces, and repainting it from scratch. It is recommended that you use protective gear when cleaning your gate motors, so you don’t damage them.

It is cheaper than replacing parts

Performing routine maintenance on gate motors is less expensive than purchasing new parts. Professional security system companies such as DM Security Systems can help with gate motor installation, gate motor repairs as well as gate automation. It is advised that you use a credible company to ensure that you get the best possible quality and service which will save you more money in the end. 



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